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About ManiacK / Our Company:
Are you looking for something abnormal that overwhelms your adrenaline expectations? You don’t need any more you have just found the right company – US! Maniack is full service agency with international experience for couple of years, team of young proffessionals who are here just for you. If you belong to the category of people keen on travelling through active places, meeting interesting people, supporting growth of own skills and all this and more with excitement and fun - you are here more than welcome. Our service is a mixture of professional sport training in the air, on the ground, on the water and snow and unforgettable travel experience itself. We are giving you the possibility to feel this amazing feeling when you overcome yourselves and enrich your minds with this wonderful feeling. Even though, we offer you adrenaline experience in many different countries in the world the main priority for us is your safety and comfort. Our offer is suitable for individuals, companies, women and men, beginners and advanced, different age, families with children and students as well. Don't hesitate to contact us on our email or through contact us section on this website.

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